Insurance Phone Inspection

Insurance Phone Inspection**

€ 0.00

Insurance Tablet Inspection

Insurance Tablet Inspection

€ 69.99

Insurance Laptop Inspection

Insurance Laptop Inspection

€ 79.99

Insurance Macbook Inspection

Insurance MacBook Inspection

€ 149.99

Insurance Tv Inspection

Insurance TV Inspection (Samsung Etc.)

€ 189.99

Insurance Lg Tv Inspection

Insurance LG TV Inspection

€ 159.99

Laptop Screen Replacements 17

Replace your 17" laptop screen with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) screen.

€ 199.99

Laptop Screen Replacements 19

Replace your 19" laptop screen with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) screen.

€ 228.99

Marine Service

Marine Services

€ 0.00

Data Recovery (file Recovery Memory Stick)

DATA RECOVERY (File Recovery Memory Stick)

€ 99.99

Laptop Transfer (old To New)

Setup Internet, Email, Antivirus and installation of one software package. (must have licences)

€ 59.99

Ram Upgrade*....(from)

Upgrade internal RAM. Average "Total" costs: 1GB = €69.99, 2GB = €89.99

€ 59.99

Note: Any deposits given will be deducted from the final bill. *Deposit only. Excludes cost of replacement hardware.