Game Console

Game Inspection*

Inspect Game Console

€ 59.98

Sony Ps3 Mechanism Allignment

Sony PS3 Mechanism allignment

€ 99.99

Sony Ps3 Over Heating Ylod

Sony PS3 Over Heating Yellow Light

€ 129.99

X-box 360 Laser Replacement

X-BOX 360 Laser Replacement
Fault (Not reading discs)

€ 99.99

X-box 360 Mechanism Allignment

X-BOX 360 Mechanism allignment
Fault (Disc not loading)

€ 99.99

X-box 360 Over Heating (ring Of Death)

X-BOX 360 Over Heating (Ring of Death)

€ 89.99

Note: Any deposits given will be deducted from the final bill. *Deposit only. Excludes cost of replacement hardware.